Lonely PHP Gallery

A gallery script consisting of one file by Teele

Lonely is a single file PHP gallery. Just put the file into a directory. That’s it!


See my personal gallery

Screenshot of Lonely PHP Gallery 1.0.2
Screenshot of Lonely PHP Gallery 1.0.1



Download a version from above. If you are not familiar with PHP use the "Configure script" link to adjust the gallery’s title and so on.

Move the script into a directory containing images. Most server configurations require PHP scripts to have the file ending .php, so correct the file ending if necessary.

That’s all. You can now run your script via your browser.

Change design

Just place the css file within the same directory as your script. You need to name it like your script. If your script is named example.php name the css file example.css.

About Teele

Visit Teele’s personal page for more projects and information on Teele.

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