Quicksand Image Hoster

A image hosting script by Teele

Quicksand is a PHP hosting script for images.

Why should I use Quicksand?

Quicksand has a different philosophy than other image hosters. The aim is not to provide your images for a long time. Instead it focuses on one key aspect: temporary sharing.
Every now and then you might face the problem that you need to send an image to many friends. Quicksand can support you in situations like limited traffic, slow connection and missing possibility to transfer images directly.
Quicksand is simple, open source and provides you with features like:

It is coded in PHP.

Test it

I’m hosting Quicksand, too. Visit the page.

Why should I host Quicksand?

Provide like 20 MB of space and give everyone the possibility to share images. You can modify the script to fit your needs. Please see the license provided with the source.

What do I need to host it?

A webspace with PHP >= 5.0.0 and SQLite extension. Remember to place the database and image file directory so that is inaccessible to others.
Do not forget to alter the legal notice depending on your local law.

Can you give me a list of things which might be interesting?

Why is it called Quicksand?

When you throw something into quicksand it won't disappear immediately. Instead you can watch it sink until it is torn into endless darkness, never to be seen again.

About Teele

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